Can you help customize parts of the site?

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sprezilla asked 9 years ago

I am helping a wonderful charity update their website and thought your Heal was perfect for it. There are a few things I cannot figure out how to customize. Are you able to help with these?

The Jillian Fund staging website –
1. Static Slider links
The link in each of the slides jump to different sections of the website.
(#our_vision, #how_we_help,#donate)
We would like these links to use the smooth transition, like when you click a link in the top menu.

2. Donate section
In the donate section of the homepage it says, “The Jillian Fund has raised over $120000 so far!!” We would like to add a comma in the dollar amount so it correctly reads “$120,000”.
3. Who We Help section (Testimonials)
Currently there are little circles used to navigate through the testimonials.
We would like to see arrows, like in the static slider, to make it easier to navigate the testimonials.
4. Feature Events
It looks like the countdown clock doesn’t allow for triple digit Days. Can you fix this?
5. PayPal IPN Settings
What do I enter for “Notification URL”?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,