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Chrsjensen asked 9 years ago

1) How do I delete/edit the social icons in the footer? I do not wish to use all of them.
2) How do I enable the scroll bar?
3) How do I add a new page to the front page menu?
4) I only have two people in “Team”. How do I center them as the grid is designed for 4 people?
5) How do I scroll to for example the “About”-section when clicking on “read more” in the large top slider? Can it only take me to an external link/another url? Can I change the color of the slider text?
6) In the “story”-section there is a photo slider but in the “Our Mission”-section there is only a video slider. Can this be a photo slider as well?
7) When an event is set as upcoming featured event on for example May 19th, why does it count down as if there is only 24 days left?