I have several issues with the theme

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ER2006 asked 8 years ago

Hi guys. Love your theme and been customizing it for my site. I’ve gone through theme documentation looking for solutions to some  issues I’ve got. Found some but there are still some I couldn’t find there. I hope you can help me with these:
1.- Transparent Header: Even if I select it and save changes, it does not work, It always show slide down style. Is there something I’m missing to make it transparent?
2.-Inner pages and 404 pages color: I’ve changed my default color to blue. Works well on homepage, blog posts, and  pages selected from main menu. However when 404 page is displayed header  goes back to your default theme color: orange.  Is there a way to fix this and  show all pages with my selected color?
3.- Services section: When clicking on “Learn more”, instead of opening the default “Service” page,  is it possible to open a customized and self created new page?  The problem is that services pages don’t allow to eliminate sidebar. Any ideas on this?
4.- Slider: Even slider is “on” in the mobile settings, it is not displayed. i tested this on several devices not just mine and it does not show in any of them.
5.- Social icons: Is there a way to add social icons on the main navigation bar? And the ones on the footer, how to make them bigger?  I want social networks pages to be open on  new tabs when clicking on social icons. How an I do that?
6.- Footer: Is it possible to show list of posts categories, add background color?
Thank you very much in advance. Appreciate all your efforts and creativity!