Several Customization Problems

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thudson83 asked 9 years ago

I really like the theme, however, I am experiencing several things:
Using Safari, Firefox and Chrome Browsers, as well as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. And using a iMac Desktop with 27″ monitor. Url:

  • I cannot figure out why the videos placed in the Revolution Slider show a white border around them. I have made sure no setting for a border is selected, that the video has no border selected on Vimeo. Posted video in another website in the Revolution Slider and it showed “No” white border.
  • A few sections on the “One-page” site are not extending or adjusting to a wide screen display. These sections are: Our Mission, Become a Volunteer, Donate Section, and Our Next Project section. 
  • In the Our Mission section, why can’t we use an embed code or YouTube/Vimeo link? The appearance of the video as is, is very amateur and does not look good. Can I or you change this? Can you provide a choice to use an image or video here?
  • When I view on mobile phone (iPhone 6+), shows default theme color (in both vertical and horizontal) until I scroll down for a few scrolls? I changed the theme color, why is it not global throughout?
  • When I view on mobile phone; slider does not show? How do I make sure it does? I adjusted Revolution Slider to allow it, but it still does not show?
  • In the Donation Section; how do I change the default color “$raised” amount? And, how can it use the “comma” separator for the dollar amount raised?

Tell me if you need site access to fix these things?
Thank you