Your theme review and customer care

QuestionsYour theme review and customer care
hardikdave asked 9 years ago

No doubt your theme looks cool.  Therefore, many of us have bought it.  
However, the designing of the theme is very poor.  No proper customer support.  Based on the many posts, it seems customers are not happy. 
Instead of having easy to go through theme, you made their life wrost.  Instead of providing the solutions, you are trying to upsell your customization. 
I can not understand why for each menu items are properly defined.  
See, in any website developement, the client has a right to have at least capitalize/smaller size font, bullet, paragraph. 
Here, in a lazy,easy going way what you did is defind everything at one place, so whatever changes is done it is uniform.  That the customers dont need. 
For example in the news sections I only need a part of section small letter, however, when I use your trick, it makes all the section font small letter.  
Similarly, there is no proper provision for the paragraph and bullet.  
Also, your demo is old and do not have good manual.   Support response is rude and too late. 
If you want to serve the global clients then need to work on it. 
I and my IT team have spent enough time, much more than the cost of template and designing. 
What I could say very poorly designed and worst customer care.  This leaves your customer frustrating.