Menu System not working

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Tim Graham asked 9 years ago

Hi I contacted you on the comments section and also by email twice but you have not yet replied. First let me congratulate on the Theme design its very good and easy to get started. However some parts aren’t clear.
I can’t get the menu system to work on the desktop version of my website The mobile version works ok but not on all browsers. It seems not to be browser compatible.
Can you take a look here are the login details:
I am using latest version of wordpress 2.2.2
Where can you find more information about using the Pagebuilder? I would like to reader the documentation to fully understand it.
Also I am finding the menu system you have provided with the demo content very confusing so I have set up my own with just 2 links for home and blog. This is because when you navigate to the blog or portfolio the main parallax menu disappears so you need to give users the option to navigate back.
Can you explain this menu system is more detail please? Also the demo pages you have provided.

Many thanks