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hardikdave asked 9 years ago

First of all thank you for a such a wonderful easy to use template. I am sure once the website is ready, people will ask about this.  Though, this is my first attempt, I was able to make most of it.  our social cause website  ( Please provide help for the following:
I got the update please show how to incorporate those updates to wordpress

1 – the logo background is kind of white and looks very odd.  Does not match with any background colour. 
2 – Still it is showing Heal favicon, though I have removed the Heal Logo from the global setting.  What size is perfect for favicon?  any good software to reduce the size of the logo as I do not wish to upload pic size pics
4 – NSNM Tab (About) – I want to divide this text into two paragraph.  I have tried to put <p> for paragraph break;  however, I could not do it. 
5 – how can I change the font type from capital to small. and how to have a bullet point?  For example – for A WIN-WIN tab, I have written all the text in a small after <UL>  and put the bullet point, however, it still shows in Capital letters and does not show any bullet point.
6 – Furthermore, How do I remove VIEW ALL NEWS in the same A WIN-WIN Tab?
7 – Become a Volunteer (in Team)  – Apply now button does work?  how to configure
8- Services (become a change engine) – How do I remove the purchase button from all three (i.e. silver, gold, and platinum)
9 – how can we adjust our partners section – so that the client/supporters logos are organised and can add as it comes.
10 – Drop us a message the email is not received at our end.

I thank you in advance and I look forward for the useful tips.