How to fix menu system and use Map in Signiture Wordpres version

QuestionsCategory: Signature WP ThemeHow to fix menu system and use Map in Signiture Wordpres version
Tim Graham asked 9 years ago

Sorry you misunderstood the question. I am using the WordPress version not the HTML Version. I need you to login in to my account again and fix the code so that when you are on a IPad/Iphone and you click on the Portfolio item it should take you to the next screen which is the Portfolio description. It doesn’t do this non the Ipad/Iphone but does on desktop version and Android.
I see that you have already solved this problem for a previous customer –
Here is what you said to him but I don’t fully understand it:

Hello,  I have just tested my website on my handheld devises but the portfolio image links do not open when pressed. They work fine on the computer, just not on the phone or tablet. 
Please open this link on your phone:
I have had a search to try and find a solution – could this be a fix? 
Please can you help.   Regards   Eric
yes you can try this one..
 I have fixed it!
After lots of searching, you have to edit view.php (wp-content ▸ themes ▸ signature-wp ▸ framework-customizations ▸ theme ▸ shortcodes ▸ portfolio ▸ views). 
Add the following code to the top of the page: 
<script type=”text/javascript”>
jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
jQuery(‘.your-class’).attr(“onclick”,”return true”);
Then locate the “project-info” div (which should be around line 68 after you’ve added the above code). Now change it to this: 
<div class=”project-info” onClick=”return true”>
Voila! This previously redundant image link on devices now works! 
you have to paste that code into javascript file.. 
open functions.js file from assets and in js folder.. and paste that code and check its working..
The files in assets/js folder are: bootstrap.min; chart.min; custom; customizer; gmaps; isotope.pkgd.min; jquery.parallax; modernizr-2.8.0.min; post-format-meta; scrollReveal. Which one do I edit with the code?
I’ve tried copying a functions.js from another theme and uploading it, but no joy. Please can you do this coding for me and include it in an update we can download again? I really need every section to work on handsets. Please, thanks.
give us your access.. i will do it..
i checked your code its onclick function code.. when you touch it show hover.. so i think its ok.. you can check this url also
What is your email and I will add you as a user to edit the code. It looks very complicated so would prefer an expert to do it! Please can you acknowledge the problem with the menu not working in Windows as well please… Thanks.
hi eric, we checked your site with iphone environment , all are ok.. can you sent some screenshot?? our email id
Also how do I configure the map within the Page builder. I have tried to drag and drop pin to London England and save the map but it keeps showing the pin is still in Australia.
Thanks Tim