I want to change a few things about the banner

QuestionsCategory: Signature WP ThemeI want to change a few things about the banner
danthony428 asked 8 years ago

For starters, this is a great theme. It has been super easy to work with so far, and I’m very happy with it compared to many others I have regretted purchasing.
I have a few questions about the banner at the top of the page, the teal one. I chose to use a banner instead of a slider, I see where I can change the text on it. But i’d like to know how to add my own custom image, or even just change the color.
My next question is, how do I change the social media links to the icons, and possibly add some more social media types to the banner? At the moment, there is facebook and twitter, and they both link to your social media pages.
Your help is much appreciated. This may be something simple I am overlooking, but I have been digging for quite some time.
Thank you