How can I use my own icon instead of a icon class

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YVZ2016 asked 8 years ago

I bought your great PEACE – WordPress theme for our mosque and now I have some problems.
At first, there is no icon on any big fonts websites for quran, Allah , Mosque and something like that. 
Now I want do my own icons and use them, but for example if I add a “Peace Service” Site there is only a field for a icon class.
But I want use my own icons, where should I put the links of this icons to use them in these fields.
And How is it possible to change the date names, for example on the Events website you must write DEC , or FEB but I want to write it in Turkish. Where should I change it.
Another thing is, your theme is really great but the prayer shedule is only great to look, but bad to use.
How should it be possibly that I change the times after every prayer time.
I mean in Islam the prayer time is not the same every day, there are so many plugins with works automaticly to your location. It would be great if you also built a prayer shedule which works automaticly without change it manual every day.