Could You please fix all those BUGS?

QuestionsCategory: Signature WP ThemeCould You please fix all those BUGS?
cwebs asked 8 years ago

I’m using the page builder and nothing works as it should. My webpage is . Please fix those things:

  1. I’d like to use radial skill – it completly doesnt work in page builder – it shows only items from Signature setup, but still runs out of a div and is not responsive.
  2. In every “experiance” i need to add a link “read more” leading to the description od the job with photografs (blog item) – but if you use Page Builder – section doesn’t accept HTML. 
  3. No matter how do i set it (PB/SS) – portfolio shows all the photos added to all portfolio cases – i’d like it to show only 9-12 elements(9-12 cases), only 3 in a row, and only the main photo of case (not all photos from all cases galleries) 
  4. I’d like to be able to set location on google maps, but the setup of “location” shows “<input placeholder=”Specify location” class=”fw-option fw-option-type-text fw-option-map-inputs map-location” name=”fw_edit_options_modal[location][location]” id=”fw-edit-options-modal-location-location” value=”” type=”text” />” and it has no place to set the location.
  5. I’d like to show the favicon i have set in global settings in Signature setup, not yours.

I can send You the admin login and pass to fix those issues.